Thursday, 2 June 2011


One fine day Slash went to jail and some months later he was released. We know coz Jerry met him at his guitarists' hangout and told us all abt it... Another guitarist stood up for a welcome back speech... "Today we have with us back Slash!!!!!! All put your hands together for a huge applause and sit back to listen to him play!"

Those days Jerry used to work as a part time IT guy, part time news reporter and all time guitarist.. He promptly sent his boss at the news paper this report - 'Slash escapes from prison!'

Why did he do so?

\ is an escape char! :)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

From the other side.. of the..

DMS: 'they all fell silent'
DMS: 'they all shut up'
DG: they -> ??
DMS: ~next two lines still in the press~
DMS: they = v1 n v2
DMS: so DG..
DG: in that case, 'all' should not be used
DMS: arey u r from a restricted side of the firewall
DMS: they includes more
DMS: but can't tell u ;)
DMS: just displaying the total size by saying 'they'...

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Work is Mad

From elementary physics, we know:

Work (W) = Force (F) x Displacement (D)

thus, W = F.D --- (1)

Now, Force (F) = Mass (M) x Acceleration (A)

thus, F = M.A --- (2)

Replacing (2) in (1),

W = MAD …. thus proved

Thursday, 7 May 2009

YweNited NayShuns

Q. If Kofi Annan were Tamilian,what would his name be?
A. Coffee Anna.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

during a chat with Cute Craig!

Q - What would you call Mary if you ran a flowers nursery?
A - Christanthemum!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Shetty and Nadu !

Shetty: "Abey $%$%# jaa na, ek chai le ke aa neeche ja ke ... chal "
(nadu enters the room)
nadu: "kya bola bey ?"
Shetty: "mai .. leke aata hoo na .. aap kay ko takleef !"

Shetty: "itna bhi nai aata tere ko ... hatt .. aur 1 mahine mein Guitar seekhne aate hai!"
(nadu enters the room)

Nadu: "Shetty, mere ko 3 ghante mein guitar seekhne ka hai .. jaldi kar, time nai hai mere pass"
Shetty:"3 Ghanta ? arre mein toh 2 minute mein seekha doonga.. baith na yaar!"

Shetty: "arre kahe ke hero ... star hoga apne ghar ka hoga ...
Shahrukh khan .. shakal se bevda lagta hai .. smoker saala"
Someone:" and .. Aamir .. uska kya, Shetty ?"
Shetty: "Abey Aamir toh aise hi .. choclate hero .. nakli
Asli mard ek hi hai .. Salmaan !1 haan .. yaad rakho ..."
(nadu enters the room)
Nadu: "Salmaan ... kya baatein ho rahi thi idher ?"
Shetty: . "Salmaan .. naam suna hua hai .. err . kaun hai yeh ?"

Fantasy ends !!!

Friday, 28 November 2008

Wishes sir!

It is the birthday today of one of the contributors to this blog.. Actions and intentions may not agree, he says.. so we will be assuming that ..

....Sorry, I have forgotten during the course of the day, what is it we should be assuming! But we will never forget, and strive to remember is: Collectively, we are all One, Good will triumph and reign! Evil is just filling its ghadas of paap.. (jars of sin)

Do enjoy the day Mr. Bean!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Call the obituarist plz!

This blog is almost dead owing to a major lack of interest among the members and an even major lack of readers!

It seems it will be revived only upon demand, and that seems highly unlikely, so I might as well begin calling the undertaker and order the coffin.

Cough, sneeze!!!! Pinging Jays is a-coughin...!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Interesting Clients

Dan: And what work do you do in Infosys?
S: I taste.
Dan: Taste? or test?
S: Both.
Dan: both???? Since when did Infy start such tasting services?
S: Haven't you heard of Infy's testing services?
Dan: Oye, don't you tell me abt Infy's testing services : I know it just too well.
S: You still ask?
Dan: Tell me what account do you work for!
S: :-) Starbucks!
Dan: Aaah! :P
GTM: ABC, please wait here, we'll call you in some time and tell you abt ur account.
ABC: Whattt! how do u know abt my bank account??!
GTM: Silly, account meaning we'll tell you what client you'll work for.
ABC: Oh ok. I'll wait in B8.
After some time this GTM calls ABC and..
GTM: ABC, you are being allowed to choose your account. Which one do you want?
ABC has a hearing problem. He doesn't understand what the GTM says. He thinks he is being asked, whr was he sitting. He replies-
ABC: 8 na? B8.
Our GTM too doesn't hear it very clearly.
GTM: Aetna be it? ok.. Aetna be it!
:-)) ABC begins work with Aetna.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

The original Baniya series

The inspiration was a baniya :)

1. You want to ask a small rabbit to come near you.. what will you say? (in marathi) (clue: imagine that you are a kid that watches all cartoons on TV, what will you say then?)
A: Bunny ya, baniya,....

2. What will a trader of corriander be called in Hindi?
A: Dhaniya-baniya

3. What does a baniya wear?
A: Baniyan

4. What does a baniya eat for breakfast?
A: Buns

5. What pets does a baniya have?
A: Bunnys

The above 5 made others add more to the series, especially Shirish. Do plz collate all and post them!